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November 30th 2018

Be Safe, Be Well

Following the tragic death of two elderly people in Kilkenny from alleged Carbon Monoxide poisoning, I've had many calls from people concerned about the dangers of CO, and how to stay safe in their homes. CO is highly dangerous, you can't see it or smell it, and in fact it is often called the "silent killer". you can protect your home from the dangers of this deadly gas by getting a CO alarm fitted. To get your free CO alarm give me a call on (021)4363867. Also check out the "Better energy home scheme" which provides grants for attic insulation, cavity wall, internal dry lining, etc.

Gardai are advising that dark evenings result in an average increase of 20% in the number of burglaries during the winter months. A fifth of burglars enter a premises through unsecured windows or doors and often target jewlry and cash. So , keep your car and house keys out of sight.

Young at Heart - Knitting, Crochet and Craft sale in son Thursday & Friday i.e. 29th and 30th in the village shopping center. There, you can pick up your Christmas presents; beautiful scarves, tea cosies, baby outfits and much more, all made by our knitting group. The Remberance Tree is also in Douglas village shopping center, if anyone can spare an hor or two of their to cover attending to the tree, we would be very grateful.

On Sunday night at 6.30pm, a bus will leave the Everyman Palace Theatre. We are looking forwards to the Frank Sinatra tribure night, for the few hours we spend in the theatre everything ifs forgotten as we sing along to songs from past eras. Next Wednesday we have our annual trip to Naval base - Which is always a very enjoyable outing.

Upcomming Events
Sunday - The Everyman theatre
Monday - Park walk - 11 - 12
Tuesday - Knitting 2 - 4 @ Parish Hall
Wednesday - Trip to Naval Base
Wednesday - Bingo - 2.30 - 4.30 @ PArish Hall
Wednesday - iPad classes
Wednesday - Kurling - 11 - 12.30 @ GAA Hall
Thursday - Tai-Chi
Thursday - Library - 11 - 12

"Cherish your yesterdays,
Dream your tommorows,
But be young at Heart,
And live your todays"

Take care,

November 15th 2018

Congratulations to Team Brooklodge Seniors Charles MC'Carthy and Frank Linehan together with students Ryan Lynch and Christopher Buckley from Glanmire Community College who won the [email protected] Echo Intergenerational quiz when competing for the much coveted "ECHO BOY" prepetual trophy. Well done to the different community schools and colleges from all over the city and county who put a team forward. We had 44 Teams filling the concert hall at City Hall. It was close, but there can only be one winner. What is it about that ECHO BOY trophy that all Cork people want to get their hands on it? Many thanks to the Eveninig Echo for sponsoring the trophy and for each member of the winning team recieving a replica of the same. A big thank you is also due to the City and County councils ans Home Instead Senior Care for sponsoring this very unique event.

The Diabetes Health and Well Being Exhibition was held on the 11th of November, last Sunday, at Rochestown Park. Thousands of people have type 1 and type 2 Diabetes ans it's on the increase. The information given out on the day on how to stay healthy, up to date treatments and connecting you to others with diabetes was invaluable to all who attended.

In Winter, it can be difficult for everyone to get about and conduct day to day activities. It's even more difficult for older as well as other vunerable people. We encourage everyone to keep an eye ever older neighbours during the winter months. They will have more difficulty in getting about buing food and getting their prescriptions and will really beneit from ongoing personal contact. To be winter ready you need to be aware of the weather condition so that you can be prepared.

A few points to remember
1. Have a small supply of non-perishable easy to prepare foods.
2. Keep extra suplies of essential medication in case it is difficult to get to doctor or Pharmacy.
3. Have an adequate supply of fuel for heating.
4. Have batteries for torches in the event of power cut.
5. Keep your mobile phone charged up and have local emergancy numbers stored in your phones.
6. Know your EIRCODE.
7. Keep warm, eat well and avoid unnecessary travel. you should eat regular hot meals and drink pleanty of fluids. This will keep you warm and give you energy yo keep you active.

Avail of the free personal alarm in any emergancy; at the touch of a button help is at hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It gives families great piece of mind knowing thier loved ones are safe, especially if they live alone. You can either get an alarm around you nick or worn as a watch. Pick up your alarm from the YOUNG @ HEART office or call me on 087 298 7161.

Take care

October 31st 2018

We had our first brush with winter as a result of storm Calum; a reminder to us of the coming winter and unpredicttable weather. We need to do everything we can to keep colds at bay. Few of us mangae to get through the winter without catching a cold, the viruses that bring on these coughs and sniffles can spread very easily. We are told the best way to ward off infection and stopping the spread of bugs the first place is covering your mouth if you are coughing and sneezing, and try not to spend all day in confined shared spaces. Nutritional supplements might often seem like little more than a marketing ploy but they have their place too and it's now recommended adults consider talking daily vitamin D supplements during the autumn and winter months. Vitamin D is vital for keeping bone and muscle healthy, and helps keep us fit and healthy from October to March when we don't get much exposeure to sun and vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Diet alone won't provide all the vitamins.

On GARDAÍ advice, we also need to light up, lock up, as winter arrives, winter is the peak Burglary Season. They are urging home owners to make their home looked lived in when there is nobody at home. Use timers, switchers to turn on lights, lock all doors and windows, keep keys away from the windows and letter boxes and use your alarm. with modterms coming up Gardaí are advising anyone going away for break to ensure mail is not allowd to build up and refuse bins are not left outside your home after binss are emptied. Ask someone you can trust if you are going away and let them know when you return. Leave a contact number or address with that person and lock away ladders, gardining equiptment and other tools.

Next up is the Young @ Heart Evening Echo Intergenerational Quiz - where communites come together; elderly folk with students from local schools and colleges, and put forward a team to represnt their area. It's great to see the generations coming together in a fun atmosphere all competing for the "ECHO BOY" trophy. We have grandparents and grandchildren on the team which is winderful to see. Each generation has so much to learn from the other,the older people impart their wisdom and knowledge with lots of stories to tell of time passes. This is a free event sponsored by the Evening Echo, the City and County councils and Home Instead Senoir Care. Elsewhere, keep up with modern technology when free iPad classes begin on November 7th, for 8 weeks. If interested give me a call on (021)4363867.

Get you your Dancing Shoes out and joiin us for an Afternoon Tea Dance in Douglas GAA hall on November 11th 3 pm to 6 pm. Tickets are €5 and all are welcome.

Upcoming events

Each Monday 11am-12pm - Park Walk/Community Park.
Tuesday 2pm-4pm Knitting - Crochet - Parish Hall.
Wednesday - iPad Classes.
Wednesday - Kurling,11am-12.30, Gaa Hall
Wednesday - Bingo, 2.30pm-4.30pm - Parish Hall
Thursday - 11am-12pm,Tai-Chi, the Library

"Cherish your yesterdays,
Dream your tommorows,
But be young at Heart,
And live your todays"

Take care,