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February 28th 2019

Feeling good about the future can help to support our happiness, choosing ambitious but realistic goals gives our lives direction and brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when we achieve them. A sense of dircetion can help us relax and feel that things are on track. We work closely with the psychology department in UCC who are interested in getting feedback from groups and the latest project is all about Gratitude.
Grattitude makes an important contribution to flourshing and positivity in humans. There are different types of gratitude(for example:one might feel grateful out of a sense of obligation), but meaningfuland genuine feelings of gratitude often have positive outcomes. Gratitude cana ct as a social glue binding people and communities together. When gratitude is expressed, it can create an increase in positive thoughts as well as better social behaviour. The positive effects of expressing gratitude have ben studied in older people around the world and have found a variety of changes in mood after writing gratitude letters or taking part in gratitude training programs. These changes include: increases in slef-reported happiness, decreases in feelings of depression, decreases in anxiety and increases in life satisfaction. One study even repprted an increase in memory after a positive psycology program that included a gratitude-themed session. While these are usually short-term changes, the research suggests that simply focusing on gratitude can give poeple a bit of a boost. You can try it at home by writing down three things you are grateful for every night before you go to sleep or writhing a letter of gratitude. Take note of how you feel before and after expressing gratitude. You may be surprised by the resluts!
[email protected] members whoare taking part in this study please return your gratitude letters by Thursday. They are confidential and will be collected by psychology students from UCC.

We have Dancing Classes every Monday from 3.30 to 4.30pm/ Learn to do the "Slosh" and keep fit and healthy. Keep up with modern technology with free iPad classes available. Apart from those interests, get your tickets fot the Afternoon Tea-dance on April 7th where you'll dance to the sounds of Johnny Carroll-The man with the Golden Trumpet.

Upcoming Events
Monday:Park-walk from 11am-12pm
Monday:Dance Classes at Douglas Community Centre 3.30-4.30pm
Tuesday:Knitting and Crochet;Parish hall between 2-4pm
Wednesday:Kurling and Crochet
Wednesday:Bingo in the Parish hall 2.30-4.30pm
Thursday:Tai-Chi 11am-12pm at Douglas Library.
April 7th Afternoon Tea dance GAA hall 3-5.30pm
In April we'll have a four day trip to Wicklow.

Treasure your Yesterday's
Dream your Tomorrows
But be Young @ Heart
And Live your Todays

Take care,

February 14th 2019

The Douglas heat of the over 60's was held at St Columbus Hall from whence huge congratulations go to this years' winner, Sheila Mc Sweeney, who sang a beautiful John McCormack song. Sheila was so happy to recieve the Luke Philpott Perprtual Trophy being a Douglas woman and Luke meaning a lot to her and to us all.

Mary presented her Dad's trophy and said how happy her family are to keep his memory alive. All of us in Douglas who knew Luke will forever remember him. We had twellve contestants who took part on the night and the judges had a difficult adjudication as each participant gave a great performance. Sheila will go forward to the Semi-Final on 7th May at City Hall. We wish her well and know that she will do Douglas proud.

We want to thank our sponsor Douglas Credit Union which has supported this great community event every year.

Upcoming Events

-Mondays-walk in the Park - 11am to 12pm
-Tuesdays-Knitting and Crochet in Parish Hall - 2pm to 4pm
-Wednesdays-Together get active Kurling in GAA Hall - 11am to 12.30pm
-Wednesday-Bingo in Parish Hall - 2.30pm to 4.30pm
-Wednesday-iPad Classes
-Thursdays-Tai-Chi 11am to 12pm Library
-Monday-8th April- 4 day trip to Wicklow
-Saturday-25th May- 7 day cruise to La Corua - Santiago - Bordeaux - Guernsey

Treasure your Yesterday's
Dream your Tomorrows
But be Young @ Heart
And Live your Todays

Take care,

January 31st 2019

Beat the winter blues and take up a new hobby. there is a wide range of quality adult evening classes starting in Douglas community school with something to suit everyone including - Arts & Crats, Health & Wellness courses, Healthy Nutrition, Line Dancing and so much more, the reduced fees are available to OAPs. So take up that new hobby, it can only benefit your mental health and sense of wellbeing.

the January Blues is in fact a real condition. It's a form of depression that many people feel after the Christmas holidays. It's winter, days are short, it's cold and there is a lot of rain, the holidays are over. Family members who we generally only see during the holidays are gone, travelling to all parts of the world where they have settled to make new lives for themselves and their families. But we know how much grandparents miss their grandchildren and how they only get to see them through Skype, Whats App etc. when all they realy want is a hug. Therefore, make plans for yourself to have a good yar by taking up one of the above courses having something positive to look forward to every week. This will enable you to get involved in activity and motivated - Young @ heart have many activities and everybody is welcome to joi us.

If you can sing a song, you might represent Douglas in the Over 60's Talent competition - where contestants will compete for the Luke Philpott Perpetual Trophy, it'll take place on the 14th of Febuary (Valentine's Night) at St. Columba's Hall. For our spring trip we'll go to Wicklow in April for a four day sojourn.

Upcoming Events

- Mondays-Walk in the Park - 11am to 12
- Tuesdays - Knitting and Crochet in Parish Hall - 2pm to 4
- Wednesdays - Together get active Kurling in the GAA Hall - 11am to 12.30
- Wednesday - Bingo in Parish Hall - 2.30pm to 4.30
- Wednesday - iPad Classes
- Thursdays - Tai-Chi 11am to 12 in the Library
- Sunday - 3rd Feb - Afternoon Tea Dance in GAA Hall - 3pm to 5.30 - MUSIC BY JOHNNY CARROLL
- Thursday - 14th Feb - Douglas over 60's Talent Competition in St. Columba's Hall - From 8:30pm
- Monday - 8th April - 4 day Trip to Wicklow
- Saturday - 25th May - 7 day Cruise to La Coruna - Santiago - Bordeaux - Guernsey.

"Cherish your yesterdays,
Dream your tommorows,
But be young at Heart,
And live your todays"

Take care,

January 18th 2019

We welcome a new year full of hope and aspirations, a time when new year resolutions are made and frogotten within a few days. How many start a new diet in January, plan to go to the gym, walk every day but within a short time go back to out own routine? in fairness January is not the best time to start an outdoor exercise regime. And so, starting in Febuary, weather permitting, we will meet every Monday morning for Park Walk and warm up Tai-Chi exercise. We have many enquiries regarding where our office is gone - we will shortly have a new one in the same corner of the Community Park, we are still continuing with all our activities and services. Care - Ring is a service we provide operates one day a week. The need for this was identified and set up by Young at Heart in 2010. The service is two fold; firstly to provide social contact and keep people in touch with the different services in the community but most important and especially for those who are housebound and lonely it is a lifeline. It's a social call, a listening ear and a friendly voice in todays society where most of us have become too busy to notice or care. This has to be welcomed and it's our hope that people would stop, look and listen to the needs of those around us. We believe that poeple make a difference, that we can create change and look after each other. The greatest gift of all is spending time with someone, especially those most alone, it's critical to meet, talk and socialise within our own community on all sides.

Care-ring is only a small part of what [email protected] is about. We have in place many differnet services - we are the designated community group for personal Alarms - which are so important as they become like an SOS system in your home, offering peace of mind at the touch oof a button, monitored 24hrs a day and 365 days a year. This is essential for anyone at risk or vulnerable those living alone or with a disability.
Personal alarms can be worn around the neck or discreetly worn as a watch. They give independence, reassurance and enhance protection the better to live safely and happily and independently at home. they give family great comfort knowing that their loved ones are safe.

On a lighter note, get your dancing shoes out for the afternoon tea dance at Douglas GAA hall on Sunday february 3rd from 3pm to 5.50pm. We hhave Johnny Crowly - the Man with the Golden Trumpet and his band, providing the music. Tickets are €10 and are available from PRO-MUSICA or by giving me a call on (021)4363867. On Feb 14th, Douglas over 60's talent competition takes place in st. Columbus hall where conteestants compete for the Luke PHilpott Perpetual Trophy. This is always a great evenings entertainment and if anyone would like to take - part and perhanps to represent Douglas we would love to hear from you.

Congratulations are due to Billy Mc Carthy on being awarded the Douglas Poet of 2018 accolade. We wanted to acknowledge his immense talent as writer, poet and author. He was presented with the trophy which we know means a loot to him and which I am sure has pride of place on his mantle piece. Very well deserved, Billy.

Upcomming Events
Monday : Park Walk/ Tai-Chi - 11 - 12
Tuesday : Knitting and Crochet, Parish hall from 2-4
Wednesday : Kurling 11-12.30 GAA hall
Wednesday : Bingo, Parish hall 2.30-4.30
Thursday : Tai-Chi 11-12 Library
Feb 3rd Afternoon Tea dance GAA hall 3-5.30
Feb 14th Douglas over 60's talent competiton, St Columba's Hall.

Wishing you the best for 2019

Take care,

December 25th 2018

The Magic of Christmas is upon us. It is not joyful time especially not for those who live alone, whose children are scattered all over the world and not able to make it home for Christmas. This time of the year can be so lonely for so many. Loneliness expresses the pain of living alone and even in a crowd you may feel alone during this time. So don't forget to keep a check on neighbours and remember those who might welcome a visit. Young @ Heart had another busy year with lots of trips and activities. We celebrated special birthdays, went to concerts at Brod Gais and the Everyman, enjoyed Red Hurley in concert at Vienna Woods and had our Kurling competition, the Over 60's competition and the Dance competition. Gerry Owens was delighted to win the Luke Philpot Perpetual trophy and went on to represent Douglas coming second in the final at City Hall; a great achievement.

We had two afternoon tea dances which have proven very popular as well as many trips to all parts of the country. We'll all remember the outings to Knock, Achill Island, Waterford and Wexford. The 9th Annual Intergenerational Quiz was held in City Hall once again this year. We had 42 teams taking part all competing for the "Echo Boy Perpetual Trophy". The winners this year were Brooklodge and Glanmire Community School.

The iPad classes were very beneficial; learning how to use technology as we get older can help us to connect to the wider community including family. It opens up a whole new world to keep up with the grandchildren who are way ahead of us in their use of modern technology. There's nothing to stop anyone learning to use a computer or tablet regardless of age. Many feel nervous and feel it is beyond them, the level of information and knowledge at the touch of a button that's out there is fantastic. For the past fourteen years we have been organising computer classes for beginners. As technology has changed over the years, we we concentrated on iPad classes as a useful priority. There is such a demand that we have had to add extra classes. It's great to see the enthusasm that older people have for learning. We will continue with these classes in 2019.

The first event for 2019 is Women's Little Christmas on January 4th at St. Columba's Hall, a night to look forward to. It's not just confined to the ladies for we welcome the guys also. There will be a full dinner and great music, so to get your tickets contact me on (021)4363867. The 11th of February brings our first afternoon tea dance and on the 14th of February Valentines night we will have The douglas heat of Over 60's where contestants compete for the Luke Philpott Prepetual Trophy. We've alreay a cruise booked for may 25th and if interested you should book as soon as possible. I wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas.

"Cherish your yesterdays,
Dream your tommorows,
But be young at Heart,
And live your todays"

Take care,

November 30th 2018

Be Safe, Be Well

Following the tragic death of two elderly people in Kilkenny from alleged Carbon Monoxide poisoning, I've had many calls from people concerned about the dangers of CO, and how to stay safe in their homes. CO is highly dangerous, you can't see it or smell it, and in fact it is often called the "silent killer". you can protect your home from the dangers of this deadly gas by getting a CO alarm fitted. To get your free CO alarm give me a call on (021)4363867. Also check out the "Better energy home scheme" which provides grants for attic insulation, cavity wall, internal dry lining, etc.

Gardai are advising that dark evenings result in an average increase of 20% in the number of burglaries during the winter months. A fifth of burglars enter a premises through unsecured windows or doors and often target jewlry and cash. So , keep your car and house keys out of sight.

Young at Heart - Knitting, Crochet and Craft sale in son Thursday & Friday i.e. 29th and 30th in the village shopping center. There, you can pick up your Christmas presents; beautiful scarves, tea cosies, baby outfits and much more, all made by our knitting group. The Remberance Tree is also in Douglas village shopping center, if anyone can spare an hor or two of their to cover attending to the tree, we would be very grateful.

On Sunday night at 6.30pm, a bus will leave the Everyman Palace Theatre. We are looking forwards to the Frank Sinatra tribure night, for the few hours we spend in the theatre everything ifs forgotten as we sing along to songs from past eras. Next Wednesday we have our annual trip to Naval base - Which is always a very enjoyable outing.

Upcomming Events
Sunday - The Everyman theatre
Monday - Park walk - 11 - 12
Tuesday - Knitting 2 - 4 @ Parish Hall
Wednesday - Trip to Naval Base
Wednesday - Bingo - 2.30 - 4.30 @ PArish Hall
Wednesday - iPad classes
Wednesday - Kurling - 11 - 12.30 @ GAA Hall
Thursday - Tai-Chi
Thursday - Library - 11 - 12

"Cherish your yesterdays,
Dream your tommorows,
But be young at Heart,
And live your todays"

Take care,

November 15th 2018

Congratulations to Team Brooklodge Seniors Charles MC'Carthy and Frank Linehan together with students Ryan Lynch and Christopher Buckley from Glanmire Community College who won the [email protected] Echo Intergenerational quiz when competing for the much coveted "ECHO BOY" prepetual trophy. Well done to the different community schools and colleges from all over the city and county who put a team forward. We had 44 Teams filling the concert hall at City Hall. It was close, but there can only be one winner. What is it about that ECHO BOY trophy that all Cork people want to get their hands on it? Many thanks to the Eveninig Echo for sponsoring the trophy and for each member of the winning team recieving a replica of the same. A big thank you is also due to the City and County councils ans Home Instead Senior Care for sponsoring this very unique event.

The Diabetes Health and Well Being Exhibition was held on the 11th of November, last Sunday, at Rochestown Park. Thousands of people have type 1 and type 2 Diabetes ans it's on the increase. The information given out on the day on how to stay healthy, up to date treatments and connecting you to others with diabetes was invaluable to all who attended.

In Winter, it can be difficult for everyone to get about and conduct day to day activities. It's even more difficult for older as well as other vunerable people. We encourage everyone to keep an eye ever older neighbours during the winter months. They will have more difficulty in getting about buing food and getting their prescriptions and will really beneit from ongoing personal contact. To be winter ready you need to be aware of the weather condition so that you can be prepared.

A few points to remember
1. Have a small supply of non-perishable easy to prepare foods.
2. Keep extra suplies of essential medication in case it is difficult to get to doctor or Pharmacy.
3. Have an adequate supply of fuel for heating.
4. Have batteries for torches in the event of power cut.
5. Keep your mobile phone charged up and have local emergancy numbers stored in your phones.
6. Know your EIRCODE.
7. Keep warm, eat well and avoid unnecessary travel. you should eat regular hot meals and drink pleanty of fluids. This will keep you warm and give you energy yo keep you active.

Avail of the free personal alarm in any emergancy; at the touch of a button help is at hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It gives families great piece of mind knowing thier loved ones are safe, especially if they live alone. You can either get an alarm around you nick or worn as a watch. Pick up your alarm from the YOUNG @ HEART office or call me on 087 298 7161.

Take care

October 31st 2018

We had our first brush with winter as a result of storm Calum; a reminder to us of the coming winter and unpredicttable weather. We need to do everything we can to keep colds at bay. Few of us mangae to get through the winter without catching a cold, the viruses that bring on these coughs and sniffles can spread very easily. We are told the best way to ward off infection and stopping the spread of bugs the first place is covering your mouth if you are coughing and sneezing, and try not to spend all day in confined shared spaces. Nutritional supplements might often seem like little more than a marketing ploy but they have their place too and it's now recommended adults consider talking daily vitamin D supplements during the autumn and winter months. Vitamin D is vital for keeping bone and muscle healthy, and helps keep us fit and healthy from October to March when we don't get much exposeure to sun and vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Diet alone won't provide all the vitamins.

On GARDAÍ advice, we also need to light up, lock up, as winter arrives, winter is the peak Burglary Season. They are urging home owners to make their home looked lived in when there is nobody at home. Use timers, switchers to turn on lights, lock all doors and windows, keep keys away from the windows and letter boxes and use your alarm. with modterms coming up Gardaí are advising anyone going away for break to ensure mail is not allowd to build up and refuse bins are not left outside your home after binss are emptied. Ask someone you can trust if you are going away and let them know when you return. Leave a contact number or address with that person and lock away ladders, gardining equiptment and other tools.

Next up is the Young @ Heart Evening Echo Intergenerational Quiz - where communites come together; elderly folk with students from local schools and colleges, and put forward a team to represnt their area. It's great to see the generations coming together in a fun atmosphere all competing for the "ECHO BOY" trophy. We have grandparents and grandchildren on the team which is winderful to see. Each generation has so much to learn from the other,the older people impart their wisdom and knowledge with lots of stories to tell of time passes. This is a free event sponsored by the Evening Echo, the City and County councils and Home Instead Senoir Care. Elsewhere, keep up with modern technology when free iPad classes begin on November 7th, for 8 weeks. If interested give me a call on (021)4363867.

Get you your Dancing Shoes out and joiin us for an Afternoon Tea Dance in Douglas GAA hall on November 11th 3 pm to 6 pm. Tickets are €5 and all are welcome.

Upcoming events

Each Monday 11am-12pm - Park Walk/Community Park.
Tuesday 2pm-4pm Knitting - Crochet - Parish Hall.
Wednesday - iPad Classes.
Wednesday - Kurling,11am-12.30, Gaa Hall
Wednesday - Bingo, 2.30pm-4.30pm - Parish Hall
Thursday - 11am-12pm,Tai-Chi, the Library

"Cherish your yesterdays,
Dream your tommorows,
But be young at Heart,
And live your todays"

Take care,