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Army helps out with Bikes for Africa Project

Lee Rotary Club wishes to give a big shout out to the Army personnel who came to our rescue. They helped us to load the donated bikes onto a truck and get them to Loughlan House Prison, Co. Cavan. There the bikes are being refurbished and very soon 300 bikes will make their way to the Gambia, where they will be distributed to school going children and will make a great difference to their life.
We would also like to wish a Very Happy Christmas and a big thank you to all those who donated their used bikes. The project was a great success and we hope to do it again in the near future. We would also like to say thank you to Douglas Rotary Club, Douglas Community Centre and Douglas Tidy Towns for their help and collaboration.

Lots of Activities at the Douglas Community Centre

At DCA, there are great opportunities to get active and meet new people no matter your age and interests. At the same time, you can develop new skills that you only dreamed of having, such as taking up a new language, becoming fitter or improving mental health. There's great choice at Douglas Community Centre. Spanish classes take place from 6-7pm on Sunday, and also on Monday at 4-5pm in the centre. Anyone wanting to slim down for Christmas and improve their eating habits can attend Unislim on Tuesdays 9-10.30am and 6-7pm. Irish language classes are held on Tuesday from 7.30-9pm. For people who would like a mind-calming experience, there is Mindfullness on the fourth Monday of every month from 7.30-9pm in the new meeting room and Meditation every Wednesday from 7-8pm in the main hall. For children there are several activities; a Children's Choir from 5-6pm on Wednesday, bounce Box for the toddlers on Thursday 10-12pm, Speech and Drama from 4.30-6.30pm and Foroige 7-8.30pm. Foroige's work is to give children and young people a voice in the development of local services and policies aim to promote active citizenship. On Friday, Messy Hands takes place from 11.15-12.15pm and there's Irish Dancing at 5.30-8.30pm. More dancing on Friday and Saturday with the Montford's Dance & Drama group at 10-2pm. So do get out there and get active!

Rochestown Community Development Group (RCDG) Recent Church Collection

Thanks to all the people of Rochestown who supported our recent collection so generously at St. Patrick's Church and at the Franciscan Monastery and thanks to all our collectors. The proceeds were €659, which will be used to enhance the Village of Rochestown. You can follow our progress on RCDG Facebook and if you wish to join us' please contact us at [email protected]

Cork Flower Club - Christmas Flowers with Melanie

This flower club is the oldest running flower club in Cork County and has an amazing group of people keeping it up and running who have a great passion for flowers and gradening in general. The art of flower arrainging is very popular throughout the world and, naturally, here in Cork. The Association of Irish Floral Artists(AOIFA), which was founded in 1973, is the official organisation of Floral Art Groups and Flower Garden Clubs in Ireland. It organises Inter-Club and Floral Artist of the year heats. Our local Cork Flower Club which holds club nights in Canon Packham Hall will be hosting a Christmas Flowers night with Melanie Harris on Tuesday, December 11th and there will be a cuppa afterwards with gorgeous mince pies very generously baked each year by one of the members, Barbara Bryan. Do come along and enjoy the experience.

Rochestown Community Development Group (RCDG)

Our Rochestown Group achieved a lot recently. Donal and Helen planted daffodils on the riverside embankment at the Green last week and more plants were purchased for the area. On a Group Work Day last Saturday, Kevin, John and Donal shifted two very large planters to the Village Green area where they will have much greater impact once they are painted and planted up. A local man, Chirs Lombard, joined us for the first time and we hadn't realised that Chris has been picking up rubbish in the area every week for years. Well done, Chris! He, along with Catherine and Helen planted an area near the west side of the bridge and placed a lovely Pampas Grass on top of the bridge! John took to the stream in wellies to place big stone slabs that had been removed and thrown into the middle of the river, back to their origional place at the bottom of the slope which was eroding. Shortly, we will be adding four tubs to the village Green, that will be planted up to provide winter colour for all to enjoy.

New Staff at DCA

There are two new faces at DCA, Niall McAuliffe and Sandra McCabe, and by coincidence both are from the Maryborough area. They are both employed through the SECAD (Tús) scheme for 12 months which facilitates people who may have gaps in their employment and choose to get back into the workplace and update their skills. Sandra has been working in the office with Denise. Niall is very keen to upgrade his skills and really enjoys the buzz of meeting the many people who come and go from the centre throughout the day; Meals-on-Wheels and Tidy Towns volunteers and the caretaker staff at DCA Declan and Michael with whom Niall is working, who all help to manage the centre, the adjoining 5-acre park and to assist the general public enquiring about activities. The office hours at the centre run from 9-1pm Monday to Friday and you can e-mail Denise and Sandra at [email protected] The phone number is (021)4894955, the website is

Events Committee Christmas Lights on Sunday 25th November from 2-6 pm

Once again, Marie Piper and her Events Team are creating magic in the park on Sunday 25th November with the turning on of the Christmas Lights. The master of ceremonies is broadcaster Gareth O'Callaghan recently retired from 4fm while Santa Claus and Fire Engine Friends will be there too. Our bubbly Mrs. Claus will also be making a very special appearance as she's so excited to be meeting all the children again. The high Hopes Choir will be on board singing classical Christmas songs and the Cobh Animation ladies will be dressed up in thier old-world finery,getting us all in a cheery Christmas mood. There will be a hot drinks stall to keep the chills away and the vey popular Piper's Children's Carousel will be installed for the children. And to cap it all with seasonal atmosphere, there will be a Snow Flurry in the park! How cool is that? Even Met Eireann can't predict that far ahead.

DCA Annual General Meeting on 19th November 2018

This annual meeting will be held at the centre at 8pm on monday 19th November. We welcome everyonew to come and join us that night and to hear the interesting reports from the different groups that operate in the centre such as Meals-on-Wheels, Pre-School and Play Group, Tidy Towns, DCA Playground and the Events Team.

Douglas Tidy Towns need more Volunteers!

Our Tidy Towns group are an amazing team of dedicated people who actually love the work they do to make our community look the best it can be. But they need more help! While Douglas made great strides in the recent Tidy Towns Competition increasing their score by 12 marks, there is much more work to be done to keep up with our major rivals such as Carrigaline and Ballincollig who are way ahead of us. So COME ON DOUGLAS!!! We are the biggest suburban population in Cork County, so why are short of volunteers? Where's the sense of PRIDE about our area? The more attractive we make our town the more people will want to come here to support local enterprises, to shop, stoll around, visit local restaurants/cafes, enjoy the buzz and everyone's a winner! All we ask is that people join us on a Saturday morning from 10.30am to 12pm at the Community Centre. you will be warmly welcomed and even be supplied with a litter pick and high viz jacket.

Roundabout at Douglas Court

A recent initiaive by Tidy Towns. Just passing Douglas Court recently, we note a very attractive, clever configuration of large deep planting boxes placed at the roundabout opposite Douglas Court Shopping Centre. This was planned and executed by Douglas Tidy Towns . This roundabout is probably the busiest in Douglas but it's quite small, all concrete, has no soil and is hard to access for people watering plants, so this installation is a great innovative solution. We look forward to seeing the boxes planted up and painted!

Mangala Award re the Douglas Tidy Towns and Cork County Council

Douglas Tidy Towns are delighted to be part of the work carried out to develop and maintain the Ballybrack Greenway(known locally as the "The Mangala") and they conratulate their partners Cork County Council, who have been shortlisted for KPMG Property Excellence Awards in a couple of categories(the onlt Council to have been shortlisted). This includes the work done in the Mangala under the category "Communtiy Benefit Project of the Year".

Douglas Community Assosciation(DCA)

It's wonderful to see the community association's new signage in place for all to see as they pass the newly extended part of the building in the Community Park in Church Road. It's taken a while for it to happen so those of us involved in the project are very happy to see it finally in place. Also the older, original building has been painted to tie in with the new and its looking very smart.

Annula General Meeting of DCA

The AGM of Douglas Community Assiociation will be held at the centre on monday 19th November at 8pm. Reports on all the different activities held at the centre will be given and it's a great opportunity for anyone interested in the local community to learn about the services it provides. We greatly need volunteers to help out woth organising activities at the centre particicularly fot the Meals-on-Wheels facility and Denise, our administrator, can explain what help is needed if you contact her at the office from 9am-1pm, Monday to Friday. The phone number is (021)4894955. If you wish to learn more about DCA, you can checkout the website at and also on facebook.

Rochestown Community Development Group

For people in Rochestown, who havn't heard of our project, we are a group called the Rochestown Community Developmen Group who formed in Jan 2016 to regenerate the core area of Rochestown. You can catch up on the Rochestown Dev. Group Facebook page. We hope to give support to businesses which are investing in the area and to make it a more pleasent place for its residents. Our concentration at the moment is on renewing the Village Green area and to that end we have planted over 100 hydrangeas and cotoneaster on the east slope of the river and have re-planted the garden under the birch trees at the Village Green area. It was a very challenging job to keep our plants alive due to the sever drought over the sumer-autumn, and then when some rain fell in September, weeds took over to choke out the pants! It is very challenging to garden on parts of the slope down to the river, so once we cleared all the hydrangeas with mulch. A huge amount of mulch was needed and fortuitously for us, a young man, Brian, who was building a house nearby, had to remove some tres from his site had turned then into mulch. When he heard our story, he very generously provided us with the five very large bags and a group of us filled all all five. He then orginised transport to drop off the mulch to the Village Green, where it was dispenced amongst the plants providing them with a fine thick layer which should hopefullly stop any further weeds from shooting up. It was such a nice gesturetat it made everyine feel happy when the work was completed. Talking about kind gestures, we would like to thank Partick at Cinnamon Cottage who regularly provides hot drinks and lovely snacks for our work group. You can keep in touch by following us on Facebook of e-mailing [email protected]