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Bingo on Friday nights' in the Community Centre has been cancelled for several months due to personal reasons of the ladies who organised the Bingo and to the passing of Maura Maher. May she rest in peace. The Bingo was always run by a separate committee. Some people have ben enquiring as to when and if Bingo is returning. The Officers of the Community Association met with the organisers of the Bingo recently. Reluctantly the ladies have decided not to continue as numbers are small, they have no extra hael and it is a big commitment. the Officers of the Community Association would like to thank the Committee that have been involved in the Bingo for so many years. In early Spring there will be a public meeting hel d for any persons who are willing to orgainse a committee and get the Bingo returned to Friday nights. Ballinglough Community Association will make every effort to bring back the Bingo.

Ballinlough Indoor Bowling

There is indoor bowling every Monday night at 8:00pm in the Community Centre. New Members are very welcome.

Christmas Concert

The Ballinlough Festival Committee wil be hosting their annual Christmas Concert on Sunday 2nd of Deecember at 7;30pm in the Ballinlough Community Centre. Tickets are €5 and are on sale in the Ballinlough Credit Union and O' Driscolls shop.

Church Gate Collection

Ballinlough Community Association wish to thank everyone who contributed to their recent Church Gate collection.

Garda Forum Meeting

Our next garda Forum meeting will be held on Tuesday 27th November at 8.00pm in the Communtiy Centre. Come along to meet our Community Gardaí. Also, some of or local Councillors will be in attendance!


There have been some break-ins locally in the last few weeks. If you do not have an alarm, take precautions when leaving your home. Always leave lights on hall/landing and in some rooms. Leave a radio on, loud. Close curtains. If someone has an intention of breaking-in to your home if he/she can't see into your rooms hears a radio/sound he/she will move on as they won't take the risk that the house could be occupied.

Christmas Concert

The Ballinlough Festival Committee will be hosting their annual Christmas Concert on Sunday 2nd of December at 7.30pm at Ballinlough Community Centre. Tickets are €5 and will be on sale in the Ballinlough Credit Union and O'Driscoll's shop.

Lord Mayors Concert

The Lord Mayor's Annual Christmas Concert will be held on Saturday 1st December at City Hall. Tickets are selling fast but are available at Pro Musica, Oliver Plunkett Street.

Ballinlough indoor bowling

Every Monday night at 8:00pm in the community centre. New members welcome.

Garda Forum Meeting

Our Forum Meeting was held on Wednesday 10th October in the Community Centre. It was chaired by Terry Shannon Chairperson of Ballinlough Community Association. In attendence were Community Gardaí Lorraine O'Donovan and Marie O'Neill. Some of the topics discussed were: Speeding on the Boreenmanna Road; 197 Garda check points were indertaken here since the start of the year. Crossing by Rockboro School; vechicles not stopping on the red light pedestrians do not feel safe tocross the road. Speeding on the lower Ballinlough Road; Alleged on-going activity on Rockboro Road. Cllr. Terry Shannon put down a motion at Cork City Council to have the footbridge closed. If it remains opended it should be cleared it should be cleaned, painted and new lighting installed. The Gardaí stressed to take precautions if going out a night to leave radio on loud to leave lights turned on some rooms. The also suggested buying light timers for security. If you see anything suspicious in your area always contact the Gardaí at Anglesea St. Station (021)4522000 Blackrock (021)4536690 or Douglas (021)4857670.

Afternoon Tea Dance

As part of our 50 Year celebrations we recently we recetly held our first Tea Dance on a Saturday Afternoon. It was a great evening. Once Connie started playing he had everyone out dancing. It brought back memories of the 60's and the Showband days. Joe Dolan, Dickie Rock, Brendan Bowyer and many more; Connie played them all. We had some lovely Raffle Prizes. Our food was gorgeous. People are enquiring when is our next Tea dance. We hope to have another Afternoon Tea Dance in the Spring. Don't put away those dancing shoes yet!!!

Heritage Concert

Members of Ballinlough Community recently attended the Lord Mayor's Heritage concert in the City Hall. A fantastic night. well done to the organising committee.