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Young at Heart: Dementia and it’s impact on others

by Phil Goodman When a person is diagnosed with dementia it is life changing for the person and their family. Dementia often starts with short term memory loss but it can also affect the way people think, speak and do things. People with dementia can become confused, find it difficult to communicate, they can’t remember

Keeping you safe in your home!

Welcome to the first article from Senior Security! Over the coming months, we will be writing features on topics which will be of interest to you. These articles will include topics such as safety in the home, how to protect you and your property from Intruders, and how to deal with bogus callers. We will

Preventing the conning of senior citizens

The information talk we had on all different aspects of care for the elderly, given by the experts in their field, was very informative with a real understanding of peoples needs in the community. Noeleen Cronin from Homestead Senior Care spoke with great knowledge and insight on how to avoid falls in the home- simple

Happy 99th Birthday to Dr. Bob MacCarthy in Beaumont Nursing Home

Photo of Dr Bob MacCarthy in Beaumont Nursing Home – from Endsleigh, Douglas Road – celebrating his 99th birthday on April 16th, 2013. Dr McCarthy’s longevity inspires us all to lead long, healthy and meaningful lives.

Feels like home

A majority of older people live at home and the focus of “Make Home Work “ is on realizing the right to age well at home. However there are circumstances where people need access to high quality care in other settings. Nursing homes, Hospice, etc. Whatever the setting people want to live in a place

Our recent trips to Belfast and Killarney

Having arthritis will alter your life but that does not mean that it should control it everyday tasks like making a cup of tea etc can become difficult and challenging ,eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight can make a difference to your well being and your arthritis ,there is confusing information on

Sunshine, sunburn, vitamin D and osteoporosis

Enjoy the glorious sunshine, but be aware of the consequences of over exposure to the sun. Sunburn can occur in less than fifteen minutes, and we all know someone who has suffered from Melanoma which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer which is often caused by sunshine and tanning beds. If the Melanoma

Visit to Griffins Garden Centre

On Wednesday next we pay our annual visit to Griffins Garden Centre. Margaret will give a talk on all different aspects of gardening, Potting, Planting window boxes etc. There is always a raffle for a few spot prizes and Margaret shows us the best plants to put in containers and window boxes and raffles them

Senior independence

Traditionally, old age has been associated with retirement, illness and dependency. Today most people remain independent into very old age, the majority of people over 65 are well and live healthy active lives in independence in their own homes and communities as long as possible some with the support of family and friends, older people’s

Monitored alarms, cruises and computer studies

In the next few weeks those who applied for the Personal Monitored Alarms will receive them shortly, when I first sourced these Alarms for our older people the grant available also covered Smoke Detectors Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Internal and External lighting. I have now been informed that due to cutbacks only the Monitored Personal Alarms