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Advertise online with the new website for The Douglas Post

Advertisers of the periodically printed The Douglas Post magazine now have a new option to further reach their target audience. We’ve introduced up to seven advertising slots on our recently redesigned and rebuilt website. The screen-shot below explains the sizes, positioning and availability of the advertisement slots. Each slot will last as long as the

View the mobile version of The Douglas Post on your smart-phone or tablet

The Douglas Post website now offers two new mobile versions of the website for smart-phone and tablet users. Users of popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy, the iPhone, Microsoft Surface and the iPad (to name but a few) can now enjoy our website on the go. The Douglas Post website is “mobile responsive” meaning that

Check out our new website design featuring a virtual library for back-issues

We’ve rebuilt and redesigned our website to match our red and blue brand colors and to introduce some fantastic new online features for our readers. Our website now boasts an interactive virtual library that archives a web readable copy of every issue of the magazine that we’ve published to the web over the past six