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“Sand Fairy vs SANDY” – a poem by Ed Broderick

Summertime, Rockaway Beach, New York, a place of beautiful golden memories, then along came Hurricane Sandy and all was changed. Lives were lost, houses damaged homes destroyed, leaving the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation with a seemingly impossible of trying to restore it all and yet in its own inimitable way it created another

Doing Pana – A poem by Billy McCarthy

Billy McCarthy a founder member of the Douglas Writers Group, who’s first book “Barnetstown to Ballinglanna” , a selection of short stories and poems taken from his earliest experiences in life to the present day, rekindled many a fond thought and lost memory in every reader, is the author of this weeks poem. Billy is

Fragments – a poem by Dave Jordan

Nobody has yet framed a dentition of the poet that can apply to every writer of poetry. But ideally it can be said that he is not unlike other men: he is like many different men, and separated from them only by an abnormally developed power of speech. While no one, however hard he applies