Letters to the Editor Archive

Inchvale Lane

Dear Editor, This lane should be cleared out and used for parking for St Columbus School. The amount of rubbish in this lane is appalling. The unauthorised access/entrance to Shamrock Lawn from St. Columbus School must be closed off. This is a major safety issue for residents and children living in Shamrock Lawn. Buses and

Speak up for the innocent

Dear Editor, In Ireland today a great evil is being orchestrated. Innocent people may soon be “legally” killed in this country. Our leaders are doing just what Hitler and other tyrants did in the past. They are legitimising grave injustice under the guise of feeble excuses. We live for but a moment and then we

Banning of bee harming pesticides

Dear Editor, Great to hear that the EU has banned bee harming pesticides, but this wonderful news is overshadowed by the fact that our own Agricultural Minister failed to take a stand against the use of products that threaten, not just bees, but by extension the vital process of pollination upon which a high percentage

Thumb Twiddling Time

Dear Editor, Are Rebel and Banner Hurlers to be idle for the next twelve months? The respective County Boards have come with a novel idea to help cash strapped treasures to survive the barren spell. A “Lovely Rose of Clare” and a “Leeside Lass” Festival will take place in Ennis and Cork over the summer

Time to get Tough

To the R.S.A and whomever else it may concern. From Ken Cash, (Cork Taxi driver). Its getting just about time to get tough on Road Deaths, the average 200 people killed on Irish roads each year seems to be acceptable by the Irish public. Whenever there is a Disease epidemic and small numbers of people

Cork Community Radio

Dear Editor, I was listening to the Community Radio show last week when Ronnie interviewed local author Billy McCarthy. I really enjoyed the show – I think Community Radio is a great facility and I look forward to hearing more interviews with local people, be they authors, musicians, artists or just ordinary people with an

We want more Mark Maher!

In your weekly, there is an article this week, EURO 2012, written by Mark Maher, it is by far the best article I have read in any paper dealing with Euro 2012 and was really enjoyable and informative to read. I hope when EURO 2012  is over he might write articles on senior soccer in

Fine Gael: Keep your pro-life promise!!

Dear Editor, A canvasser called to my door the other evening on the issue of abortion. As far as I had been concerned, Fine Gael was a pro-life party with a strong prolife tradition and record, as demonstrated most recently when all its TDs voted against Clare Daly’s Abortion Bill. I commend the party for

Lions Club Annual Charity Walk

Dear Editor, The Douglas and District Lions Club annual charity walk will take place on the 10th of June departing from Harty’s Quay car park opposite the Rochestown Inn. The walk will be to Blackrock Castle and back. 5 miles in all. Refreshments will be available. The proceeds will go to Marymount Hospice and the

The Grange Road

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter hoping it might come to the attention of the County Council or some local TD’s in the Grange area. I am living in Clifton Grange Housing Estate, just off the Grange Road. Up to 15 years ago we were the last park in Grange, beyond that was all