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FAMILY TIES – Getting Elvis to trust me

By Eileen Mitchell I’d been toying with the idea for years: getting a dog, that is. But I had doubts, thanks to the long work hours I keep coupled with a tiny condo. Neither would be fair to Fido, I reasoned. Talking with people from rescue groups. Doing a little research. A little reading. A

Freewheelin’ in Donnybrook

My car broke down the other night.  It was a typical hectic Monday evening for me; collect the youngest from GAA at 6pm, then head up to Donnybrook for the eldest who finishes soccer at 6.30 and the middle guy, same venue but he didn’t finish until 7.oopm.  I brought along my Stephen King book

“Who told you that suited you?”

“Who told you that suited you?” said my granny to me as she jabbed her bony finger into my chest. I was a little confused and replied, “No-one.” Then why are you wearing it?” I was seventeen and going through my Bob Dylan phase. I was the coolest in black suede boots, black jeans, black

Flit, flit, flit!

My thoughts run randomly across my consciousness until they cascade into a freefall. My body relaxes as the cool breeze from the car air-conditioning brushes against my face. Both kids are taking a nap in the back seat. My mother runs inside the grocery store, and I lay my head back for the most rejuvenating

Juggling it all

Early in 1994, I gave birth to my first son. At the time I was the Personnel Manager for a roofers’ merchant company in London. I loved my job and there was no question that I was going back to work after my baby was born. I was so proud being a working mother because

Quilts, pies and creative urges

I do quilting on a Thursday night in Ballincollig with women of all ages from Junior Cert students struggling with school projects up to hip replacement age. The tea is flowing, every project is gorgeous and the chat is mighty. The standard of some of the projects is astonishing, Ursula, who is German, has a

Inter-country adoption with Vietnam

Fine Gael TD for Cork South Central and Chairman of the Oireachtas Committee on Health & Children, Jerry Buttimer, has welcomed the signing of an Administrative Agreement on inter-country adoption with Vietnam. The agreement which has been officially signed by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald TD has also been signed by

The Daily Rant

I was driving the kids to school and was listening to Today FM on the radio when an advert came on about conserving Dublin water. I thought it was a joke. I could barely see the road for the rain. As I peered through my rain saturated windscreen with the wipers working at full speed,

True love

As I drove home from work one evening, I suddenly found myself briefly looking towards the sky through my windshield and telling God, “Lord, I’m not getting married.” Afterwards, I felt a huge sense of peace and continued making my way home down Los Angeles’ 101 freeway, feeling sorry for all those other women in

Returning to School – Advice for Separated Parents

This year many parents will be dealing with the emotional and financial stress of separation as well as preparing their children for the new school year. Parents and children may both feel anxious about returning to school after a family separation and many children will be returning to school this year for the first time