Youghal4All officially launched their Mr & Ms Fit 2016

Youghal4All were joined by local fitness stars Leigh Desmond and Alison Hennessy to officially launch this year’s Mr & Ms Fit competition, which will have a junior category this year for the over 16′s. The competition kicks off with a road race before the ‘sea challenges’ test the competitors to their limit! Challenges such as ‘Anchors Away’, which will see the contestants haul an anchor through the sand, ‘Unfurling the Sails’, see who has the muscles to flip tyres the fastest, and ‘Keel Hauling’, where they get down close to the sand! These challenges will see them vying for pole position to win the title of ‘Mr or Ms 2016′.


As part of the Moby Dick festival, which takes place on the June Bank holiday weekend, this year, the Mr & Ms Fit 2016, promises to be a great challenge for all those competing as well as a great spectators event. Entry is open to anyone over 16 for the junior competition, and over 18 for the adult competition. For further information or for a registration form contact 087 2938663 or email


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